Jacob Scott Johnson

Richmond Rain Gardens





In the Fall of 2014, I was approached by Environmental Scientist and Urban Planner, William Ramsey to collaborate on a project which would combat the adverse effects of stormwater runoff in the James River. Together we designed, built, and implemented the Richmond Rain Garden Initiative; a program which educates the local population of our city about the importance of the health of the James River, as well as offering a viable option for the community to engage in our efforts. In addition to providing the environment surrounding the James River with cleaner water, the Signature Richmond Rain Garden also possesses benefits to improve the human experience with the structure. The Rain Garden, while maintaining its environmental purpose, enhances heavily trafficked spaces by providing the functionality of a park bench. Through the use of solar-powered LED lights, the Rain Garden even increases night-time visibility, encouraging the use of spaces which otherwise may have been overlooked by the city's residents.